Thursday, February 6, 2014

Irene part deux

This week I finished up my second set of 5 blocks for the goodnight Irene sew along being hosted by Terry's treasures 

I did another of 16 patches as I haven't gotten my background fabric purchased yet... although I'm thinking a buttery yellow is what I'll go with.

This quilt is going to be called "Custard and Strawberry" because I can't look at 
This fabric line and not think of Strawberry Shortcake


  1. Just the cutest! I love your 16 patches...this is going to make a great Goodnight Irene or Custard and Strawberry quilt :)

  2. Your patch blocks are looking good.

  3. Gorgeous blocks! You can sew all your 16 patch blocks untill your background arrives.Happy sewing!!

  4. Your blocks are very pretty and cheery.