Monday, October 28, 2013

Waste not want not- a thanksgiving quilt

Yesterday I offered to host the family thanksgiving here… I am exited but the first thing I thought was "I have no thanksgiving decorations!"  The next thing was "I'll make a table runner." 

but I needed something quick and easy as I have so many things going and this will only be used for a short window( although now I'm really liking it and may keep it out longer!)

This quilt was an exercise in being thankful for what you have(its a thanksgiving quilt after all ;)) and what I have are a whole lot of scraps.

Whenever I finish a project I cut whatever fabrics i have left into 2.5 inch strips and throw them in a bin. there is no organization whatsoever, some strips are long, some short, all colours together anything goes… as long as its 2.5 inches wide. 
To start this project  I picked a bunch of "fall" coloured strips from the bin 

I cut them to sizes I liked and sewed them end to end  on a diagonal 
Then I folded the strip in half right sides together and sewed along one side
When you get to the end cut the strip along the fold and sew to the end
Repeat the same process of folding the strip in half and sewing down the edge until you get to a size you like I stopped after only 3 folds ending at a size ~ 16x60 I trimmed up the edges…

and now my top is done! And all from scraps: waste not, want not.

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